The Search for Meaning

meaningEven though we live our lives surrounded by unknowable mystery, still we are always searching for some sort of understanding. It’s as if human beings are smart enough to ask why, but not smart enough to answer why.

That’s very true. And the classic question is, “Why are we here?” Different people have thought they had answered it, but the answer is not enough for everybody. It’s partly because our world is de-signed—and has apparently always been—so that our aim always exceeds our power to achieve it.

And that keeps us constantly asking. With all our religions and philosophies, none of them can satisfy everybody. So they are constantly being polished up or replaced. But they are never enough, and we are always here with unanswered questions. So there always is that disappointment in ourselves that we aren’t whatever it was that we could imagine.

And that is difficult for people, if not intolerable. We want an explanation for everything. That’s a very compelling thing for human beings. I do think that human beings are always trying to get at the truth. They may not reach it, but there is a longing that all people have for the true thing. We always have unanswered questions and are left with a continuous longing to know God and to have some experience with God….